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We Create a Buzz!

Drew Buzz Media focuses on UCC (User Curated Content).   What is UCC?  It’s the next big thing on the Web.  We design and develop custom platforms that enable Content Curators to make their mark on the Web. Drew.Buzz is an example just like BuzzFeed.com, Mashable and UpRoxx.

For Advertising Rates, Collaboration Opportunities or general questions, email us at info@drewbuzzmedia.com

Our Brands

Drew.buzz is your key for great video content on the Web. Everything from Movies, Music, TV, DIY, Tech, Travel, Funny Videos and exclusive originals.

FunkFusion.com is your One Stop source for the Newest Music and Best Throwbacks on the Web. Everything from Alternative, Electronica, Hip-Hop, Oldschool, News, Trends and More. Our Website is designed to give you a complete entertainment experience, all in one place!

EcoEffort.com: A World Wide movement to care for our Planet, One Effort at a Time. DIY Ideas, Awareness, Resources, News, Videos and More.

ArtWebMusic.com is a complete source for all things creative, Design, Development, Music, Tutorials, Resources, Videos and More.

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