Drew Buzz Media

Drew Buzz Media

The Focus

Drew Buzz Media focuses on UCC (User Curated Content).  We design and develop custom website platforms that enable Content Curators to make their mark on the Web. Drew.Buzz is an example just like BuzzFeed.comMashable and UpRoxx. We also show companies how to utilize sharing platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr to gain follower and socialize with new and existing clients.

The Sharing

Sharing content on the web is nothing new.  Today, the way in which information gets shared has evolved into a intricate set of tools and tactics most end users take for granted. These tools along with proven marketing tactics make the sharing of content seem effortless. We specialize in the management of these tools and tactics, resulting in larger web audiences and more successful follow through.

The Tools

Content management systems (CMS) like WordPress help companies to extend their media reach by allowing independent contractors (Bloggers, Photographers, YouTubers, Writers) to supply them with engaging content. In turn, the Bloggers gains credibility , credentials and a following, not to mention a paycheck. Whether you are have content to share or benefit from the sharing, we can help you identify and meet your goals.