Drew Buzz Media "Creating a Buzz through Sharing"

The Buzz

Creating The Buzz is at the heart of Content Sharing. In the past, people tuned in to the news, picked up a paper or just chatted with friends in order to find out what was happening in the world. Today, the amount of content is much more vast and sometimes overwhelming.  It comes from numerous digital platforms and at lightening speeds.

Facebook, Twitter and Newsfeeds fill the internet with content. It all seems quite straight forward unless you are the one with the content that needs sharing. Once you create content, it has to get to the people. Now the real work has to be done.

No one can rely on Viral Content. It happens, but it is rare. News and entertainment outlets (Curators) are always looking for content that will drive traffic to their websites and help build their brand.  Content creator use sharing platforms to get noticed, gain a following and make money. Users enjoy the content, then share it to remain current and engage friends.  There is the Buzz… and from that buzz, the societal benefits are endless.

Drew Buzz Media focuses on the 3 elements of sharing. The Creator, The Conduit and The Curator.

The Creator

The Creator could be anyone from a YouTuber, Musician, Writer, Photographer, Traveler or Entertainer… anyone with a story to tell and the content that tells it.

The Conduit

The Conduit is Social Media. Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and the like. It is via these conduits that the creator hopes their content will be shared and gain.

The Curator

If all three of these elements work together successfully, the End User has the opportunity to see the content, interact with it and share it, thus Creating the Buzz.