The Sharing

The Sharing

THE SHARING: the Creator, the Conduit, the Curator and You

“The Sharing” is a full length feature documentary currently in production. The movie explores the relationship between Content Creators, Social Media Conduits and Content Curators. This film features in-depth interviews with those who create digital content, the social media conduits they use to create a Buzz and the Mainstream Media Curators who share it.

“The Sharing” takes a fun and entertaining look at how content is created, shared and enjoyed by millions, everyday.

How does a YouTuber make engaging content? This film goes behind the scenes with some of the biggest YouTube stars as they make videos, interact with fans and grow their brand and content channels.

How important are Facebook and Twitter to a Content Creator? They are essential! This documentary explores the avenues of Social Media as content gets Liked, Shared and possibly goes Viral.

Who are the Curators?  They are BuzzFeed, Mashable, UpRoxx and Ellen.  They are also, Upworthy, TheVerge, and Vice. They collect content and share it with the world.

This groundbreaking film also goes beyond the fun, asking the question, “How important is The Sharing?” To the Creator, the Conduit and the Curator, “The Sharing” is Everything!

Production Notes:

Produced, Directed, Filmed and Edited by veteran Web Developer, Drew Mauck (aka Drew Buzz).

“Drew has an extensive resume working on the Internet. From his early days at AOL to his current projects, Drew.Buzz and EcoEffort, he has been creating websites and sharing content for more than 22 years. He started his movie project in late 2017 with his 5 sharing websites and a Mercedes Sprinter Van he converted into an Tiny House. Drew Travels in his Van meeting content creators, digital media experts and other developers, collecting content for his film.”